Buyer moving to Mobile from Fort Walton Beach

""I recently purchased a home in Mobile, AL, through RE/MAX Centre agent,
Skip Herndon. Skip is the epitome of a good, trustworthy, reliable, and all
around real estate agent. I worked in real estate for eleven years so I
understand the necessary elements in what make a exceptional agent. He was
always a step ahead of me with information... he does his homework. He
always had useful suggestions to make things easier and simpler. If anyone
asked me to suggest a real estate agent in the Mobile area, I would not
hesitate to say that Skip Herndon is the "go to" person. Thank you, Skip
for making my home buying experience an absolute pleasure. You are an agent

Maria Tidmore"


Local doctor with several transactions....

"Skip has handled several real estate purchases and sales for me and he is frankly quite amazing. He seems to have endless energy and is always available. I doubt there is anyone more dedicated to his clients, talented or resourceful as he. There is never a question too insignificant or a need too complex for Skip who willingly handles everything you need. I would not opt to use anyone else and I hope he never retires!!"

- Dr Burckhartt, Mobile, AL

Clients who had listed, bought, listed and bought again! As you can see we have history!

"My husband and I first met Skip 18 years ago when we were relocating to Mobile. Since then Skip has helped us buy and sell 4 houses.
Skip is a go getter. He has your best interest in mind. He is very knowledgeable in how to present you home for sale or buy the house of your dreams. In our opinion, we give him 5 stars!"

- Robin J and Jim D, Foley, Al

Richard V, buyer and architect, tells his experience as a "new comer" to Mobile

""As an Architect, when I retired to Mobile last year, I dreaded the prospect of being dragged around a town I didn't know by some real estate agent who wanted to "sell" me something. Ten minutes with Skip Herndon put my fears to rest. He took the time to show me Mobile's great range of neighborhoods, and, importantly, didn't try to show me properties that cost more than I wanted to spend. What I found most comforting was that Skip really knows the Mobile market. Also, unlike the area up north that I moved from, he gave me very thorough printed info sheets on each of the houses I was interested in so I had something to review and compare each evening....it kept things from getting confusing. I'm one of those people who " know what I want when I see it" so the search took awhile. Over many days, Skip arrived for every appointment on time, was always cheerful and, when it came to arranging for home inspections and all the closing details, I really didn't have to do a thing. I recommend him highly and would be happy to speak personally with anyone who is considering working with Skip.""

- Richard V, Mobile, Al

Timothy, a buyer, gives his experience moving back to Mobile

""I was born in Mobile but moved away to work in Virginia for 15 years. I was still working there when I started looking for a house to buy to come home so I had to do a lot of the searching on line, then fly down, look at houses, and fly back...not the easiest way to pick out a place to live, but I'm happy to say that Mr. Herndon smoothed out the many rough edges in this search. He took the time to understand what I was really looking for and did a lot of the legwork for me so when I was able to be here in person there was no time wasted. Skip is a native too, and while things sure changed in Mobile in the time I was away, he was informed about everything and really knew all the developments which I had missed. Because of my work I could only travel on short notice but Skip was always able to work to my schedule and, to tell the truth, he kept my spirits up with his positive attitude and great sense of humor. I do want to make special mention of the fact that, unlike some other real estate agents I've had experience with over the years, Skip didn't "disappear" once I finally signed a contract....he was there handling every detail through the closing even though a lot of the contacts and paper work had to be done long-distance. Well done, Skip !!!!!"

- Timothy H, Mobile, Al